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re: We're Growing!


So, COTRL is expanding, and that's wonderful because we continue to recruit awesome people! Earlier this week, I had to expand our vent to 25 slots so come in and take advantage. Invite your friends too- they are welcome as long as they can mind their manners! Also, feel free to ask Naz or Ush for an app code so you can get access to our website here.

Since we are expanding, though, that makes it harder and harder for us to get to know one another in a meaningful way. To mitigate this, some common courtesy reminders (especially for officers):

1) Say hello when you log in and goodbye when you log out! Also, tell us when you go afk and use the /afk tag.

2) Greet people who come in and say goodbye when they leave.

3) When your tribies are leading a group, join up! Everyone starts somewhere. If they are struggling, send them a TELL with constructive support, but do not backseat lead or talk over them. Stay on target and trust them!

4) RvR: Some tribies may be in a position to help get you into the raid. This is a privilege, not a right, and you should be respectful of the limitations they have in doing so. Be patient and considerate.

5) Goldtagging:
If you cannot get into RvR, your tribies ability to help you goldtag is entirely dependent on the attitude of the raid leader. If the raid leader is trying to ditch goldtags, understand that your tribies have a responsibility to respect that and cannot necessarily help you. If the RvR is overwhelmed or the raid leader is friendly to goldtags, your tribies will do their best to assist you- if you're in vent, this is much easier!

6) Remember that your relationships with others and your reputation are far, far more important than your rank. Act accordingly.

7) Flippers: When you're a creep, act like one. Do not grief people in vent while you are on your freep, and stay out of creep channels.

8) Dealing with flippers: When fighting tribie flippers, show them no mercy! Corpsejump if at all possible. Understand that they will show you to same affection! There is no crying- this is a PvP zone. If you feel someone is griefing you excessively, speak to an officer!

9) As always, remember that our only rule is do not be a jerk. While this is vague and subjective, a little common sense goes a long way.

10) "Tagging," DPS or Heals: If you are tabbing through targets, DPSing them or Healing insomuch as you're only trying to get a tag and not trying to actually heal someone or kill a target, this is borderline unacceptable. Go ahead a pop a heal tag or two, or throw off AOEs in a fight- that's fine, but you need to do more. Specifically, you need to contribute to your fight in a meaningful way or else you're basically stealing from those who are. That means: Heal to Help. DPS to Kill.

11) Bad Behavior: Finally, if you are caught engaging in behavior that is unbecoming of COTRL, you will have a chat with an officer and will receive a warning. You could be expelled for serious or multiple violations. No warnings will be issued for:
A) Exploiting
B) Farming
C) Extreme Trolling/Griefing

Also, officers, here is a link for setting up vent accounts: See me if you have questions.

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