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re: Cohorts of the Red Legion

Cohorts of the Red Legion -
A Brandywine Monster Play Tribe

Hi, if you are reading this then you have taken an interest in learning more about us, our beginnings and our requirements, of which there are few.

Our Beginnings:

The Red Legion first formed this Cohort in December of 2010, since then we have grown and developed to become one of the major contributors to Ettenmoors community and PvP.
I, Ushrak, am the Founder and Leader of this Tribe and Nazvukat is my Successor.
We believe in being successful at the game while still having a fun time.
We try to avoid getting too deeply involved in any drama that may permeate throughout the Ettenmoors community, and are more interested in just getting on and playing the game like, well, a game.
Having established this; by no means do we take this game 'lightly' or 'over-casually', we have all dedicated a fair amount of time to this game and therefore wish to continue to be successful at this game. The only difference is we try to ensure that we all have fun in the process.

Our Requirements:

    1. We only want mature people, so 16 years of age or older. Exceptions are sometimes made, and children/relatives of current members that do not fit this criteria are guaranteed access to Tribe, but not to Ventrilo (unless agreed otherwise by the Officers).
    2. We prefer experienced players (i.e Rank 5 plus, with some maps). Exceptions are made if the applicant shows potential or is friends with someone already in Tribe.
    3. You have to be sociable and able to get along well with other people, arrogant knobs need not apply.

Our Tenets:

    1. Do not publicly troll the Tribe.
    2. Assist your Tribemates and they will assist you.
    3. Avoid excessive drama, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
    4. Do not chew over the microphone or talk over the raid leader.
    5. Keep your Religion/Political Views to yourself, unless a discussion specifically on those topics arises.

Our Objectives:

    1. Main/Tribe Raids.
    2. Small/Tribe Groups.
    3. Class-Specific Raids/Groups.
    4. Commendation/Map Grinding (Questing).
    5. Ensuring that Lugazag, Tol Ascarnen, the Isendeep Mine, the Grimwood Lumber Camp and at least two Outposts stay under Creep control as much as possible.
    6. Chilling out in Vent.
    7. Taste-testing Naz's Sammiches.
    8. Maintaining control of the Delving of Fror infamy buffs.

Our minds are always open to new suggestions, so if you have any suggestions for something cool or interesting to do - let one of us know!

If you are interested in joining the Red Legion please REGISTER or contact one of our many Officers in-game!

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