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About Cohorts of the Red Legion

Cohorts of the Red Legion - A Brandywine Monster Play Tribe

We now make our home on Arkenstone, and have relocated our main tribe forum to Facebook. While this page is now defunct, we are still as vital and active as ever after six strong years and two server migrations! 

If you are a creep interesting in joining our tribe, or an old one who wants to reconnect, please send in-game mail to Nazvukat, or seek out an officer. Returning members will find our Ventrilo information has not changed, either. 

We aim to make the Ettenmoors a fun place for everyone, while still being successful at raiding.

We have 3 requirements, 5 tenets and 8 objectives.

Briefly, though, this Cohort is formerly lead by Ushrak Grobashnok until 06/2017, and now by Nazvukat and succeeded by Trapanor.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tribe please CLICK HERE

We hold our annual anniversary celebrations on 12/29 around 7:00pm servertime EST. Join us to celebrate year 8 in 2018! 

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